Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Culinary Tour of Arnprior, Ontario

I have had this idea since we moved to Arnprior and now that the weather is nice again and it’s easy to get out and explore I think I will finally do it! I’m going to do a little eating tour of Arnprior. I have a list of a few places that have been recommended to me and a couple I have seen while walking around town.

My goal is to try each of these places before the end of summer so I can do a little post about each one.

The places I’ll be trying are:
Krave Bistro
The Press Café
Danny Mac’s Pub and Eatery
Bonnie Janes
and Wes’. 

Wes’ is a chip stand but people keep telling me it’s the BEST in Renfrew county/Ontario/Canada so I feel obligated to try it…especially since it’s right around the corner from my house.

Some we will try for dinner and some for lunch. Really depends on the day and the Daphne :P I’m guessing a few meals will be takeout as my anxiety gets the better of me in busy restaurants sometimes. To be honest, I'm more interested in the quality of the food then the atmosphere anyway.

First post will be coming JULY 5th. Stay tuned.


  1. You should add M3 Eatery to your list too. It's open during the week in the Kenwood Corporate Centre and they have special events sometimes on weekend/evenings! Their biscuits are amazing.